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    1. 廣州依萊嘉自動化設備有限公司





      依萊熹自動化的產品廣泛運用于工業機器人、汽車制造、食品包裝、醫療器械、側戒制造、自動化生產線、光伏太陽能產業等領域,面對工業4.0 的新機遇。我們秉承由衷的價值理念,崇尚科技,篤守誠信.求真務實,致力于自動化真空技術而付之努力,謀求有識之士及行業客商精誠合作成就未來......

      Elyca automation by Kim you not painstaking research , technological innovatlon,led by vacuum field operations team services founded in the Greater China region and R & D ,manufacturing automation technology development company.

      We asplre to the innovation of new technologies , new concepts,new materials for the development of the company , in the continuous improvement of the existing industrial automation vacuum components product oriented and solid foundation , more spare no effort to take the customer demand as the orientation,service and supporting automation solutions towards customized products.

      We are dedicated to listen to your ideas and needs at any time,the effective combination of technology,manufacturing experience for you to solve problems,so as to create value for you.

      Our products are widely used in industrial robots,automobile manufacturing,and food peckaging,medical equipment,machinery manufacturing,automated production lines,solar energy photovoltaic industry and other fields,in the face of new opportunities in the 4 industry,we sincerely uphold the value concept,advocating science and technolog y,Benedict Shou integrity,pragmatic,dedicated to the automation of vacuum technology and pay work hard,seek industry customers sincere cooperation and a person with breadth of vision.The achievements of the future .
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